How To Get A Sabedell Credit Card In Spain

chris 13 Jun , 2019 0 Comments Credit Cards banks, Sabedell

The Sabadell bank offers several regular, prepaid and different purpose credit cards to choose from.
Those would be the :

– BS card
– Classic card
– Oro card
– Sin card
– Platinum card
– Prepaid card
– Shopping card
– Repsol maxima card
– Youth card of the Valencian community
– Via T card
– Contactless card
– Instant card

Some of the cards mentioned above are debit cards, others are credit cards and even a prepaid card. Classic, Oro, Sin and Platinum, for example, are different credit cards with different purposes. Oro, for instance, offers exclusive benefits in travel assistance insurance, while Platinum offers special services like exclusive Hotel offers an emergency cash withdrawal in the case of a robbery.

The prepaid card is to control how much you spend, with transferring only the amount that you will use. But how do you gain access to a Sabadell credit card?

Requirements to open a credit card account with Sabadell bank would be :

– direct deposit of salary, pension or other regular monthly income
– the income must be a minimum of 700 euros per month
– you have to have an account open with Banco Sabadell Group

When you open the account for a credit card you get some additional bonuses, such as:

– Travel incident insurance for public transport, up to 120 000 euros
– Daily incident insurance up to 6000 euros

With the free, card protection service you also gain a service, of a message being sent to your phone, every time you perform transactions over 150 euros. You also gain anti-fraud protection. Transactions with your card begin with only 100 euros. To return the money, you have deals from 3 to 24 months.

Having a Sabadell card, also means that you don’t have to worry in case you lose it because you can easily deactivate it, using your mobile phone. You also have full control over your expenses, paying the same amount, every month. You can change your payment method anytime, even if you already paid the monthly payment.

In case of theft, you can easily block it, also from your phone, you receive a new card over the mail. Apple pay, Samsung pay and Sabadell wallet are all available so you can even pay with your phone. You can also activate and deactivate different uses of your card, such as using it for internet shopping and so on.

Sabadell card is most definitely a card with a lot of bonuses for the customer.

Written By chris